CIS 488/588 Project 3
Winter 2022

For this assignment your team will need to create an alpha prototype of your game and storyboard for the complete game.

Your alpha game prototype should include the following:


The deliverables for this milestone include: a revised one page, an elevator pitch, complete story board, draft user manual, and a running prototype. On 3-09-22, your team will upload to Canvas a presentation (powerpoint containing your story board, revised one page, elevator pitch) and a zip file containing your game prototype and draft user manual. Online students please limit your video to 10 minutes and discuss your game storyboard, one page, and elevator pitch.


Play testing by your classmates will take place at home or in the Game Lab (2046 ELB) so please upload your game zip file before class. I will provide Canvas peer review rubrics for your reviews (you must do 3 peer reviews you may do 5 for extra credit). Your team needs to submit a set of timecards based on this spreadsheet


I will grade your revised materials on March 11th.


Assigned: 2-09-22
Date due: 3-09-22