CIS 488/588 Project 2
Winter 2022

For your term project, you will need to work as part of team to design and implement a complete computer game based on one of the pitch documents selected by the students at UMD. Graduate students may work by themselves on their own games. Your teamís game needs to have a reasonable storyline for its genre. The game will need to make use of multimedia components in a non-trivial manner. The final game will need to include some non-trivial use of game AI.

This assignment will give you an opportunity to begin work on the specification and design of your game as well as your business case for the game. Your teamís game does not have to be original, but you should not copy an existing game to avoid intellectual property disputes. To receive full credit your team will need to submit a two page executive summary and a design document which follows of the Trick game design document


Executive Summary

  • Abstract of game story
  • Game play and appearance
  • Development specification


  • Art style
  • Interface mockup (with art)
  • Music and Sounds
  • Technical description (tools)


Marketing and Funding

  • Demographic
  • Platforms and Monetization
  • Localization

Product Specification

  • Characters (character bible)
  • Story line
  • Story Progression (story board)


  • Goal
  • User skills
  • Game Mechanics
  • Items and Powerups
  • Progression and Challenge
  • Winning and Losing
  • Game Flowcharting


Level Outline


  • Summaries of planned levels


Your write up should be 10 to 15 slides long. On 2-9-22, your team will present (powerpoint or video) of your game design. Figure that your team will have 15 minutes to explain your game concept to your company colleagues. I will provide rubrics on Canvas †and assign you 5 games to review. Your revised game design document slides are due on 2-11-22. You final design document due with the gold release candidate will need to make based on the Baldwin Game Design Document Template  the level design template . Your team might want to start using and maintaining these documents as your game design evolves.


Assigned: 1-26-22
Date due: 2-09-22