CIS 488/588 Assignment 1

Winter 2022


We have until the end of the fiscal year (April 2022) to organize into several independent teams to design, implement, and release innovative computer game products to keep the company solvent. We are asking each developer to examine emerging game industry and consumer marketing trends. Each developer should create a pitch for any type of game that is likely to be a commercial success. Since we lost all our licensed products, we need to plan to implement your proposed game using Unreal4 and free asset development tools.


My initial reading of the marketplace is that our proposed games will need to demonstrate a significant attention to 3D graphics and game artificial intelligence. All teams will need to have their final games running at the annual stockholder meeting (our final exam period). Senior developers (grad students) may work as individuals and may use any other approved tools.


All games pitched need be original and may not copy any existing game. Please use the guidelines below when you create your 2 to 4 page game pitch.


Executive Summary

         Abstract of game story

         Game Audience


Game Play Look and Feel


         Player roles and actions

         Strategies and motivations

         Level summary/story progression


Development Specification




           On 1-19-22, you will have chance to upload a 5 minute pitch (powerpoint with audio or a video) for your game, using appropriate AV support (concept art and music is always good to include). Live demos may be possible but you must adhere to the 5 minute time limit and you still must upload a video for section 002 students to review before class on January 19th. The company will select 4 to 6 game treatments to submit for possible development. You will need review the game treatments by 1-23-22 (voting will be done by google form) so we can organize into teams when class meets on January 26th. Each team will have 4 or 5 people, at least 2 must be from Section 001.


Assigned: 1-12-22

Date due: 1-18-22