CIS 488/588 Project 5
Winter 2020

For this assignment, your team will need to complete the gold release of your game. You will need to revise all project artifacts and create a twenty-minute presentation to sell your game as part of the launch process on April 18th. Make this presentation fun and visually exciting.

The deliverables for your team project DVD should include:


Final design document (Baldwin Template)

Final user manual

Game launch presentation

Running prototype with installer

Commented source listings

Testing results

Gold prototype time cards

Lessons learned from each team member


On 4-22-20, your team will participate in play testing process of the game software in 237 CIS. I will provide review forms that your game reviewers will need to turn in on 4-22-20 or you may use the canvas peer review process. I will provide a template for the lessons learned.


Assigned: 3-25-20
Date due: 4-22-20