CIS 488/588 Lens Presentation

Winter 2022

You will be required to make an oral presentation of a set of lenses selected from the assigned text and a pick a date to present no later than February 2, 2022.

The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses, by Schell, AK Peters, 2020.

Oral project presentations (powerpoint or the equivalent) for should be 20 minutes long. Distance learning students may create videos or powerpoint slides with audio). and will need to be uploaded to Canvas the day before your presentation date. You are expected to make appropriate use of AV materials (posters, demonstration, power point, transparencies, handouts, etc.)

Your presentation should be a discussion which illuminates how the lens applies to the game you are developing this semester. If it does not apply to your game, you need to find a game that does illustrate it. You expected to do additional research to support the lens content.

To get full credit you must discuss 3 of the lenses in the group you select. With permission of the instructor, you may discussion additional lenses for additional credit.

You will be assigned 6 lens presentation to review by completing Canvas peer review forms. You may review more for extra credit. All peer reviews must be completed by April 15th.  


Assigned: 1/12/22
Date due: 4/15/22