CIS 4951/4961 Planning Document
Winter 2022

For your next task this semester, you are to work with your software development team to assemble a project plan. The basis of your project plan is the Pressman planning document template that may be found at: You are also expected to create risk mitigation and monitoring plan based on the Pressman template located at: You must include a traceability matrix and a reference list.

You are expected to use COCOMO and function points as one of your time estimation techniques. You must use second method for your cost (in dollars assuming your are being paid for this project work) and time estimates and  reconcile the estimate discrepancies (see the Tiny Tool web site:

Your team will be expected to create a 15 minute presentation (powerpoint) of these documents during the week of March 9th  and upload your work products to Canvas. Your presentation will be graded on its: organization, technical content, quality of audiovisual aids, and group participation score. The participation score will be computed by averaging the individual grades (0=nothing, 1 = poor to 5 = great) assigned by all team members (including yourself).

Annotated copy of a project plan and rmmm document can be found here:


Assigned: 2/09/22
Date due: 3/09/22