CIS 4951/4961/4971/4981 Poster
Winter 2022

Your team is required to create poster using the new poster specification template found on my web site


Students taking CIS 4951/4961/4971/4981 (Senior Design 2) are required to have at least two team members present their poster during the CECS poster session on 4/20/22. The first draft of your poster is due 3/16/22. The final poster is due for my review 3/30/22.


The easiest way to do this to put several significant images or text boxes in a power point in a presentation and to save it in jpg or png or tga formats. You can them paste them into the template in any manner you wish. Make sure that the poster contains complete information on your project: title, team members, client name and company, and Dr. Kiumi Akingbehin, Dr. Brihanu Eshete, and Dr. Bruce Maxim as the supervising faculty members (order of our names is not important).  One text box of the poster will contain a project summary and one text box will contain the results of the project.


Important dates – subject to change:

Poster Registration Deadline: March 14, 2021(?)

Final Posters Must Be Submitted: 8 April 2022 (Email? .pdf poster file: address will be inserted here)

Virtual Judging Positions of the Event runs from 9am till 7pm on April 20th.

Please plan to have at least two team members present for your time slot.

The live poster presentation runs from 4pm to 6pm on April 21st

Awards presentation 6-7pm on April 21st 

Assigned: 2/18/22
Date due: 3/30/22

BMP (Windows Bitmap)
EMF (Windows Enhanced Metafile)
EMZ (Compressed Windows Enhanced Metafile)
EPS (Encapsulated PostScript)
FPix, FPX (FlashPix)
GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)
JPEG, JFIF, JPEG-2000 (Joint Photographic Experts Group)
PDF (Portable Document Format)
PICT, PCT (Macintosh Picture)
PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
PNTG (Macintosh Paint)
PSD (Photoshop Document)
QTIF (QuickTime Image Format)
SGI (Silicon Graphics Incorporated)
TGA, TPIC (Targa)
TIFF, TIF (Tagged Image File Format)
WMF (Windows Metafile)
WMZ (Compressed Windows Metafile)