CIS 4951/4961 Project Specification
Summer 2023

For your first task this semester, you are to work with your software development team to assemble a software requirements document. This document is to be based on the Pressman template which is available at the following URL: In addition, you must include a complete set of UML diagrams (date: class diagrams, function: use case, sequence, collaboration/communication, behavior: states, activity) as part of the analysis model in Phase 2. The appendices (for both phase 1 and 2) should be complete (traceability matrix, configuration management plan, metrics, and reference list).

This document will be delivered in two phases. For the first phase (due 6/7/23) your team will need to write up and present the requirements and use cases from this document (sections 1.0, 2.0, 4.1, 4.3, and an appendix containing the traceability matrix and list of references). The complete requirements document will need to be written up and presented on July 12nd or 19th (after your project plan is complete). Your team will be expected to do a 12-minute presentation (powerpoint or equivalent) of the phase 1 artifacts on 6/7/23. Your presentation will be graded on its: organization, technical content, quality of audio-visual aids, and group participation score.

Each team member is to submit evaluations for each team member (0=nothing to 5= lots) including themselves and with a list of what each person contributed. Your participation score will be computed by averaging the individual scores received from your team member participation reports.

Project scope is defined by presenting user visible processing functionality with the major inputs and outputs for each function without regard to implementation detail – user stories are the preferred way to define scope. Use case diagrams must be accompanied with completed use case templates (see the Pressman and Maxim chapter on requirements modeling).

Your documents will also be graded as draft documents, with revisions expected at the end the semester. If your specification document is done properly, your planning documents should flow naturally out of it. If your project scope is not acceptable to the class, you may be asked to find a more worthwhile project to work on this term.

Annotated copy of a requirements document using the old Pressman format can found here:



Assigned: 5/17/23
Phase 1 date due: 6/7/23

Phase 2 date due: 7/12/23