CIS 4952/4962 Abstract
Summer 2015


Your team is required to submit an abstract for the senior design booklet using abstract specification template and sample abstracts can be found on my web site


·         You must not alter the format of abstract template.


·         Your abstract must be at least 150 words in length and fit entirely on one page using a reasonable font size (10 or 12 pitch).


·         You must have two figures on the second page (UML diagrams, user interface, graphs, etc.).


·         You must refer to each figure in the body of the abstract using a parenthetic phrase like (see figure 1) or (see figure 2).


Make sure that the left hand box contains complete information on your project: title, team members, client name and company, and Dr. Kiumi Akingbehin and Dr. Bruce Maxim as the supervising faculty members (order of our names is up to you). The first draft is due on 7/22/15 and final draft is due on 8/21/15.

Assigned: 6/17/15
Date due: 8/21/15