CIS 4952/4962 Design Document
Summer 2023

For your next task this semester, you are to work with your software development team to assemble your project design document and a working prototype (should be at least 33% of final project). Your prototype must be running on the target hardware platform and any database connectivity needed must be present. You must include your revised requirements in the design scope.

This document is to be based on the Pressman template found at The supplementary material to be included in the appendices includes: an updated traceability matrix, an updated reference list, and a complete set of UML diagrams (data: class diagrams; function: use case, sequence, collaboration/communication; behavior: state, activity) for the prototype in its current state.

Examples design documents with annotations can be found here:


Your team will be expected to do 10 or 15 minute presentation (powerpoint or the equivalent) of this document followed by a 5 or 10 minute prototype demo during the week of June 12th or 19th. Your presentation will be graded on its: organization, technical content, quality of audio-visual aids, and group participation score. The participation score will be computed by averaging the individual grades (0=nothing, 1 = poor to 5 = great) assigned by all team members (including yourself). Your team is expected to submit a set of timecards quantifying the effort using this spreadsheet

Your documents will also be graded as draft documents, with revisions expected at the end the semester. Your running prototype should demonstrate the core functionality of your proposed software products. The prototype needs to run on the targeted hardware.

Assigned: 5/08/23

Date due: 6/19/23