CIS 4952/4962 Ethical Controversies

Summer 2023


You will be required to work with a partner to do a debate style presentation of one of the papers selected from the assigned text book. Partners must be selected and presentation date chosen no later than Mayy 15th and recorded on the Google spreadsheet using the link shared by the instructor. A placeholder title sheet must be uploaded to canvas


Cyberethics: Morality and Law in Cyberspace by R. Spinello, Jones and Bartlett, 2017.


Your 26-minute debate presentation (powerpoint or equivalent) to be uploaded no later than the day before your scheduled debate. You are expected to make appropriate use of AV materials (posters, demonstration, power point, handouts, etc.) Your presentation should be a debate not a lecture. You expected to do additional research to support the paper content. You must include some discussion on the local and global implications of your topic.


You will need to identify a controversial point from your topic (e.g. copyright violations do not hurt anyone) and then decide which partner will take the Affirmative position and which partner will take Negative position. You will alternate your presentations as follows. You will each get 13 minutes total time to make your case:




Affirmative Constructive

6 min

Cross Examination by Negative

3 min

Negative Constructive

7 min

Cross Examination by Affirmative

3 min

Affirmative Rebuttal

2 min

Negative Rebuttal

3 min

Affirmative Rejoinder

2 min


select to review.

You are required to write critiques of five assigned presentations. You are expected to complete your critiques the day presentation is made. You will receive access to the peer review forms for the presentations you are assigned to review once you upload your team title page or complete set of slides.


Assigned: 5/08/23
Date due: 7/031/23