CIS 4952/4962/4972/4982 Final Project Documentation

Winter 2021


     For your final task this semester, your team needs to build the project documentation. This document is to include the following non-trivial components (refer to your earlier assignments for details of each):


Final Document



Cover Page




Table of Contents




Requirements/Analysis Model


Hardware/Software Design


Implementation Details




Future Maintenance Suggestions


Delivery/Acceptance Statement


References & Bibliography


Appendix A - User Manual


Appendix B - Program Listing

             (on DVD),

             Sample Output,


Appendix C - Team Member



Appendix D - Project Plan &

             Log Book


Appendix E - Project Demo



Appendix F - Final 



Appendix A - User Manual




  Purpose of product

  operating environment

  general functionality

  special features


  documentation conventions



  Physical requirements

  Copying & backup

  software installation

  customizing product



  Walkthrough of example

  Explanation of example

  Using help (on-line & text)


Detailed Instruction

  Output from product

  input to product

  operation of product

  error handling

  specific functions

    how to run

    input data needed

    output interpretation


Technical Details

  Principles of operation

  Advanced features

  Modification of product

  Support information


     Your team will be expected to do 10 to 15 minute demonstration of your project during our last class period on April 19th. You will need to upload your final report, all source code and executables, copies of your all draft documents, all powerpoint slides, individual postmortem reports using form from my web page by 4/19/21. You will also need to upload team participation reports where you rate each member (including yourself using the sale 0 = nothing to 5 = great). I also expect your team to submit a set of timecards quantifying the effort using this spreadsheet



Date assigned: 1/13/21

Date due:      4/19/21