CIS 4952/4962 Test Plan
Summer 2023

For your next task this semester, you are to work with your software development team to assemble a summary of your project test plan. This document is to be based on the Pressman test specification template found on his web site at The appendix needs to include your traceability matrix and reference list. This document is due on July 17th.

Your team will be expected to do 15 to 20 minute presentation (powerpoint) of this document during the week of july 10th  or 17th. Your presentation will be graded on its: organization, technical content, quality of audio visual aids, and group participation score. The participation score will be computed by averaging the individual grades (0=none, 1 = poor to 5 = great) assigned by all team members (including yourself) and must include a list of task completed by each team member. Your documents will be graded as draft documents, with revisions expected at the end the semester.

Link to Pressman annotated test plan:


Assigned: 5/15/23
Date due: 7/17/23