Mechanical Engineering

Eric B. Ratts, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

ENGR 216 Computer Methods for Engineers

ME 230 Thermodynamics

ME 325 Thermal Fluid Sciences I

ME 375 Thermal Fluid Sciences II

ME 4671 Senior Design I

ME 379 Thermal Fluids Laboratory

ME 528 Fundamentals of Boiling and Condensation

ME 535 Advanced Thermodynamics

ME 537 Automotive Air Conditioning Systems

ME 571 Conduction Heat Transfer

ME 577/ ESE 501 Energy Conversion

Educational and Research Opportunities
Directed Research Problem for Undergraduate

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Student Scholarships

Contact Information
Mailing Address
Eric B. Ratts
Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering Department
1250 EC
4901 Evergreen Road
Dearborn, Michigan 48128-1491
Phone / Fax
Phone: (313) 593-4969
Fax: (313) 583-3851

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