Michigan 3D Center

1. Introduction

Michigan 3D Center (M3DC) was found in 2013, and is located at the heartland of U.S. Automotive Industries, Dearborn, Michigan. The center was equipped with instruments funded by National Science Foundation and our industrial partners.

2. Services

The M3DC aims at providing technical services and research supports in the following core areas:

(1)   X-ray Volume Scanning and Volume Model Reconstruction

Hardware: Nano-/Micro-focus X-ray CT system

Software: Volume Graphics Max, 3D CT Acquisition

Examples: A. Full-size Battery Module (280 x 105 x 20mm)

U_of_M_Image 1.jpg



B. Lithium-ion Battery Cell Images:


C. Investigation of Material Damage of Welding:


D. Reconstruction of Polymer Foams with thin-wall (10 um thickness) structures:


E. Nail Penetration of Li-ion Battery:


(2)   Laser Surface Scanning and Surface Model Reconstruction

Hardware: LDI Laser Scanner, CMM machines

Software: Geomagic Studio, In-house codes for surface denoising, CAD model conversion, and finite element generation

Examples: Surface denoising of a scanned part

(a) originally-scanned data

(b) denoised model via our in-house code



(3)   Surface Roughness Measurement and Analysis

Hardware: Mitutoyo Surface Tester (SJ-201)

Software: SURFPAK-SJ

Examples: surface roughness



(4)   Microstructure Measurement

Hardware: FEI Quanta 200 3D SEM/FIB

Software: In-house code for image processing

Examples: surface microstructure



(5)   Chemical Element Measurement

Hardware: FEI Quanta 200 3D SEM/EDX, DLD Axis Ultra XPS

Software: EDAX

Examples: spectrum



(6)   Three-dimensional Printing

Hardware: MakerBot Replicator 2X

Software: 3dMax, Catia



(7)   Material Damage Analysis

Hardware: X-ray CT systems

Software: M2M code (In-house), Abaqus


Examples: Multi-resolution material failure analysis


(8)   Topology and Shape Optimization

Software: GAO code (In-house), Abaqus


Examples: freeform shape optimization, topology optimization for minimizing the maximum stress via genetic algorithm


3. Contact

For any of the above services, please contact Dr. Jie Shen at shen@umich.edu or 313-717-1501.