Taehyun Shim
Professor of Mechanical Engineering




Honors and Awards

Research Projects

·        Wheel-Motor Control Algorithm for Commercial Vehicle Applications (9/2018-8/2019, Hyundai-Kia Motor Company)

·        Steering Control Parameter Optimization (5/2018-4/2020, Ford Motor Company)

·        Simulation Techniques for Assessment of Advance Driver Assistance Systems in Commercial Vehicle Applications (9/2016-8/2017, Hyundai-Kia Motor Company)

·        Development of Vehicle Simulation Tool for Assessment of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (Year 2) (5/2016-1/2017)

·        Motor Torque Allocation to Enhance Performance of EV/HEV Applications (3/2016-2/2017, UMD)

·        Enhancement of Electric Power Assist Steering (EPAS) Systems (Ford Motor Company, 7/2015 - 6/2017)

·        Development of Vehicle Simulation Tool for Assessment of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (Hyundai-NGV, 7/2014 - 12/2016.)

·        Development of Advanced Brake Control Methodology to Enhance Vehicle Stability for EV/HEV Applications (2011~2014, TRW Automotive)

·        Investigation of Torque Vectoring System for Vehicle Handling Enhancement (2011~2012, Hyundai-Kia Motor Company)

·        Investigation of Motion Planning Algorithms for High Speed Autonomous Vehicle Applications (2011, UMD)

·        Development of Brake Blending Techniques for EV/HEV Applications (2010-2012, UMD)

·        Development of a Vehicle-Trailer Straight-Line Back-Up Control Systems (2009~2011, Ford Motor company)

·        Development of an Improved Lithium-ion Battery Model Incorporating Thermal Effects (2009, UMD)

·        Investigation of Effectiveness of Trailbraking for Active Vehicle Safety (2007~2010, Ford Motor Company)

·        Development of a 3-D Vehicle Animation Tool Using MATLAB (2006~2008, Ford Motor Company)

·        Research Support for the AGMV Hybrid Control Refinement IRAD (General Dynamics Land Systems)

·        Investigation of Suspension Characteristic and Development of Effective Suspension Model for Vehicle Roll Control (UMD HP-CEEP)

·        Development a 3-D Vehicle Simulator Using MATLAB Virtual Reality Toolbox (UMD )

·        Adaptation of Roll Center Migration on Parametric Vehicle Model from Multi-Body Vehicle Model (UMD)

·        Design and Analysis of Brake System for the Low Mass Vehicle, (UMD  IAVS)

·        Integration of Active Suspension with Steering and Brake Systems for Vehicle Handling Enhancement, (Rackham Faculty Grant and Fellowships)

·        Development of Active Steering/Wheel Torque Controller for the Rollover Limit Maneuver (OVPR)

·        Shim, T., Principal Investigator, and Mohanty, P., “REU Supplement: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Undergraduate Education at the University of Michigan-Dearborn”, National Science Foundation (NSF)

·        Investigation of Active Steering Control at Large Roll Angle (Ford Motor Company)

·        Suspension Design and Dynamic Analysis of Lightweight Vehicle”, UMD IAVS)

·        Dynamic Normal Force Control for Vehicle Handling (UMD HP-CEEP)

·        Design of Tuned Vibration Absorbers for Agricultural Tractors (UMD)

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